Grigore Petrenco: Plahotniuc's governance used our case to intimidate the forces of opposition and the civic society; In our place stay other protesters

Grigore Petrenco: Plahotniuc's governance used our case to intimidate the forces of opposition and the civic society; In our place stay other protesters
Source: Photo: captură video 12.05.2016 13:03
The former MP Grigore Petrenco, who stayed in arrest approximately half of hour, considers that his case is political and was fabricated, declaring that the main purpose of this action is the intimidation of protesters and of the active representatives of the civic society.

Moreover, he told that he will continue the fight against the regime and Plahotniuc's governance.

“Our case was proved to be a political one, a fabricated one. This thing was publicly confirmed even by some prosecutors. I am talking about the former prosecutor of Chişinău Municipality, Ivan Diacov, who told directly that the case is fabricated. You also aimed declarations of international, European structures. Very many people called our case political, we also were mentioned in the annual report on human rights of the Department of State of the USA. For the first time in the history of the Republic of Moldova appeared the notion of political detainees. I consider that the main purpose of our arrest was our intimidation, the intimidation of all forces of opposition, the intimidation of civic society, of activists, of those who wanted to protest. Of course, the regime, Plahotniuc's governance, used our case for intimidation. I want to tell Plahotniuc that he has not succeeded to intimidate us. We remain in our positions and we are even more determined to make everything possible to put an end to this criminal regime”, declared Petrenco.

At the same time, Grigore Petrenco talked also about the Court of Appeal decision that maintained the Râşcani Court decision through which is interdicted the participation to protests of the so-called group Petrenco.

“Yesterday took place the hearing of the Chişinău Court of Appeal, at which the judges left in force the Râşcani Court decision through which we are interdicted to participate at protest. It is for the first time in the Republic of Moldova history when the citizens are deprived of constitutional rights through court decisions, of the right to protest, when are coarsely violated the constitutional provisions, the fundamental freedoms of a person. And yesterday the Court left in force this decision and pronounced that this decision is irrevocable. Of course, we will address to the European Court of Human Rights. I am convinced that we will win this case as well, but this time suffers the Republic of Moldova image and we show that we are not a European and democratic state”, said Petrenco.

“I think that the main reason is fear, Plahotniuc's fear. In general, he owns all the leverages and tries to remove the inconvenient persons, persons that do not obey. This characterizes him. He is a coward character, even if he owns the control on all state institutions. Scared and complexed, he cannot fight in a civilized way, after democratic rules. He can fight just using the structures of force, blackmail and intimidation”, added Grigore Petrenco.

The former MP also expressed his solidarity with those four arrested protesters. On this train of thoughts, he appealed to the leaders of parties from opposition. “These days, when in our place stay other protesters, we consider necessary to express our solidarity and condemn the government's actions. We ask for their unconditioned release, they did nothing illegal. We consider that all forces of opposition must be united and support these demonstrators. I want to address to all opposition leaders and tell them that we have to be united if we do not want our activists to be persecuted in this way. We have to do everything possible to continue these protests against this government, against the dictatorial regime of Plahotniuc. They have no more authority, for them even the EU Council is not an authority. It is not a surprise, when in front of a state is an organized crime group, for them the only authority is their boss, who leads this criminal group. It is about Plahotniuc. He is the only authority for them”, explained Grigore Petrenco.

The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the lawyer, who challenged the Râşcani district Court decision. In these conditions, the members of the so-called group Petrenco, placed under legal control and investigated for actions qualified by prosecutors as mass disorders, have further the interdiction to participate at protests.

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