Vladimir Socor: Pro-European parties from opposition must go together for presidential elections, with a common candidate; Elections “in autumn” could be PD trick

Vladimir Socor: Pro-European parties from opposition must go together for presidential elections, with a common candidate; Elections “in autumn” could be PD trick
Source: jurnal.md Photo: lithuaniatribune.com 11.03.2016 07:02
The European parties from opposition must unite their forces at the presidential elections and propose a common candidate. At the same time, these political forces must prepare themselves in this sense and publicly ally as soon as possible, because the president's election could take place earlier than autumn, the way the PD (Democratic Party) spreads. Or, this thing could be a trick to find the opposition unprepared, affirms the political analyst of the Jamestown Foundation, Vladimir Socor.

“This decision of the Constitutional Court obliges the pro-European parties from opposition to unite and start a common campaign for the presidential elections. This is an obligation which the parties cannot delay anymore. This thing has to happen long time before the first round of elections. It would be big mistake the leaders from opposition to compete in the first round and just in the second to unite. It would be counterproductive. First of all, because of competition, they will be practically obliged to criticize one another and it will be hard further to revoke these critics. So, common candidate must exist since the first round”, mentioned the political analyst at the “Cabinetul din Umbră”, from the Jurnal TV.

At the same time, Socor warns the pro-European parties from opposition to get prepared for the fact that the presidential elections could take place sooner than it is thought. “The date for the presidential elections has not been set. Candu says in autumn, and this thing could be a trick, to deprive the opposition of the feeling of urgency. That is why they have to start from now to appear together in public and assure that will have a common candidature”, also said Vladimir Socor.

According to the political commentator, in campaign must be avoided a new polarization of the society between pro-Romanians and pro-Russians, right-left. “During the common protests, the society split was surpassed. Meanwhile, the common feeling of citizens started not to be clearly understood. For example: the anti-Communist campaign from 2009 - “Moldova without Communists” was a mistake, because you cannot exclude one third of electorate. And the consequence was that the pro-Europeans became Plahotniuc's hostages, there was no other option. Everything became an enclosure controlled by Plahotniuc. The same thing happens now. The PSRM (Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova) electors, Usatîi's electors must not be abandoned to some leaders with pro-Russian visions. These people have to be made another offer”, also said the analyst from the Jamestown.

In context, Vladimir Socor mentioned that the eventuality of RM pulling to Russia after the results of the presidential elections should not scare anyone. “Russia has no means to take over Moldova from the economic point of view. Russia cannot carry anymore Transnistria either”, said Socor.

As a conclusion, the analyst of the Foundation Jamestown qualified the Constitutional Court decision from March, 4 as illegal. “First of all, the source of this decision is illegal, because the RM has no legal Court, the same not having a legal Parliament. The Constitutional Court is a politicized instrument, divided by the ruling coalition, and Tănase is a visible ally of Plahotniuc. This decision of the Court is a direct consequence of another decision, from December 2015, when the CC turned the Constitution inside out, depriving the President Timofti of the right to propose a candidate for the function of premier, obliging him to propose Plahotniuc's candidate. The decision from March, 4 aims the avoidance of early elections, providing the survival of two more year of this illegal majority”, pointed Vladimir Socor.

The President of the Party Platform Dignity and Truth (PPDA), Andrei Năstase, agreed with the political analyst. “A single candidate has to exist and this thing is very important. You cannot fight on the pro-European with some pieces. Plahotniuc will still take care to propose his candidates as much as possible, one more Unionist than another. It is important we not to attack each other, the big evil to concern us. And yes, I agree that the things have to be hurried, not to get dizzy of the thought that the elections will take place in autumn-winter. We have to find solutions for the identification of a single candidate. We have just had the meeting of the PPDA political bureau and we have stated that we have two-three persons that easily could candidate. The Platform is very open for good people and in this way we can gather the electorate”, mentioned Andrei Năstase.

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